In the four years I’ve served, I led on the issue of life by authoring HB 1495 in 2017, coauthoring SB1552 in 2016, coauthoring HR1004 in 2017, coauthoring HB 1549 in 2017, and authoring SB1140 in 2018.

  • HB1495 strengthened Oklahoma’s Laws against Physician Assisted Suicide. This passed the House but was not heard in the Senate.
  • SB1552 would have revoked the licenses of any doctor who performed an abortion. This bill passed both chambers but was vetoed by the governor.
  • HR1004 called on the executive branch in Oklahoma to exercise its authority to treat abortion as murder.
  • HB1549 prohibits abortions on a viable or potentially viable unborn child solely because of a diagnosis of either Down syndrome or a genetic abnormality. This bill failed to make it through the process.
  • SB1140 protected participation of private adoption agencies with religious convictions regarding child placements they perform for the state. This bill expands adoption in Oklahoma and thus has the potential to protect life. Franklin Graham was kind enough to advocate for this bill.

Religious Freedom

In 2016, I authored SB1329, a bill that ensured churches could accommodate overnight guests in their buildings. This was signed into law and helped Washington County Family Promise operate in the Bartlesville area to serve families in transitional living situations.

In 2017 I was the primary House author on SB197, which would have provided wide-ranging protection for people of religious conviction to operate their businesses according to their conscience. This bill did not receive a vote on the floor of the Senate.

In 2017 I took over authorship of a bill for Representative Brumbaugh that would have allowed Bible colleges in Oklahoma to grant bachelor degrees. This bill, SB262, failed a House committee vote after the Board of Regents worked committee members against the bill without first approaching me with their concerns.

In 2018 I successfully added an amendment to HB2759, the Oklahoma Dental Act. The amendment exempted charitable religious organizations from having to pay a $200 fee to operate free mobile dental clinics. This protected the mobile dental clinic operated by the Hope Clinic ministry in District 10.

In 2018 I authored SB1140, also known as Oklahoma’s adoption protection bill. This bill protected private organizations from having to violate their written religious or moral policies or convictions when performing child placements for the state. Franklin Graham was kind enough to advocate for this bill.

Family Policy

I support reform in the divorce process. Unilateral no-fault divorce has created a culture of frivolous divorce that plagues our society. Additionally, a distasteful divorce industry has made our area one of the divorce capitols of America.

In 2017, I authored HB1277 to begin the reform process. After a successful committee vote, the bill did not get a floor hearing. This bill needs work. I will not support it as is.

I have also authored legislation to enact Covenant Marriage in Oklahoma. HB2694 (2018) would create a way for those who recognize the institution of Marriage as Divine to have a legal way to make their marriage stronger.

Economic Incentives

The government incentivizes business by supporting infrastructure in the state and creating a tax environment that is attractive. I support the Quality Jobs act as well as the incentives for Aerospace and Automotive Engineers. These programs incentivize new job creation, so not only is it an incentive for job growth, but it slows government growth as well.

I do not support providing cash payments to industries simply for operating in Oklahoma. This is currently happening with the Wind industry. I voted yes on SB888 to put an end to this and use that money for other priorities.

Tax Policy/State Budget

I support tax reform without tax increases. Tax reform can create state revenue growth because it can better align with proven pro-growth policies. I prefer consumption taxes to income taxes. Production taxes discourage development of Oklahoma’s economy and ultimately get paid by the consumer in hidden costs.

I have strongly opposed the recent increase in taxes on Gross Oil and Gas Production. I also opposed the changes in the Itemized Deductions on Oklahoma’s income tax. I would have supported income tax simplification if taxpayers were treated to a net wash in cost. However, HB1011xx created an increase in the amount of income tax many Oklahomans are paying. Therefore, I opposed that measure.

Education Policy

I support local control. I believe that local school boards should decide graduation requirements, curriculum, salary schedules, security policies, and much more!

Oklahoma House District 10 contains nine school districts. However, ten additional school districts have footprints in parts of District 10. That’s a total of 19 school boards, totaling a membership of 89 school board members serving district 10. These are the people our state needs to empower with authority to make education policy decisions.

I also support broad-based, family-driven, responsibly implemented school choice opportunities for Oklahoma. If we truly want to unleash the ingenuity of our population, we need expanded options to be unleashed as well.

Criminal Justice Reform and Mental Health Funding

I support modest criminal justice reform, though I do not agree with the characterization that prisons are filled with one-time, non-violent drug offenders that don’t need to be there. Our elected district attorneys are, as a general rule, doing our state a great service on limited resources.

Nonetheless, the criminal justice system can be extremely more efficient when mental health and drug addiction treatments are aggressively pursued.

In 2016 I authored HB2397, which expanded the ability to expunge nonviolent offenses. I called this a “jobs” bill, helping people who have paid their debt to society get work and move on with their life.

Public School Funding

In my time of service, I have voted for four of the largest six appropriations to the State Department of Education (SDE) in state history. They were $2.485 billion for 2015-2016, $2.485 billion for 2016-2017 (after the 2016 revenue failure, I supported SB1572 which appropriated $51 million to the SDE from the Rainy Day Fund), $2.448 billion for 2017-2018 school year (after part of the budget was ruled unconstitutional in 2017, I supported HB2360 in early 2018, which directed 18 million dollars to the SDE), and the largest SDE budget in history, $2.91 billion for 2018-2019.

2nd Amendment

Oklahomans understand and love their Constitution. It was clearly the Founder’s intention that the government not regulate firearms. This is why I support Constitutional Carry. I am honored to be endorsed by the NRA and OK2A.

Property Rights

My record on property rights is as follows:

  • I supported HB2165 (2015), which revises the Landowner’s Bill of Rights to include the right to demand a jury trial to appeal an assessment of damages in a condemnation proceeding.
  • I supported HB2936 (2016), which rewarded landowners attorney’s fees if they won an eminent domain case.
  • I supported SB361, which deletes from law the ability to exercise eminent domain for the purpose of constructing a mill. The measure also strikes from a law the requirement to pay an appraiser an additional $4.00 per day for their services in appraising properties subjected to eminent domain proceedings. The measure further deletes obsolete language dealing with telegraphs lines and the responsibility for a common carrier to pay for any expenses associated with modifying a telegraph line because of eminent domain. Finally, the measure repeals several provisions relating to the licensure of coal pipeline companies and their designation as a common carrier and ability to exercise eminent domain.

Human Trafficking

In the estimation of many, human trafficking is the number one law enforcement issue in the country. I have authored the human trafficking and child exploitation prevention act, which would not only address the demand for human trafficking, but also provide valuable resources for victims and law enforcement. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this important piece of legislation.

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